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Functional Medicine Specialist in Santa Fe, NM and surrounding areas

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Functional medicine is a biology-based healing approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. A diagnosis can be the result of more than once cause and an individual may experience a variety of symptoms. Here at Infinity Wellness, near Santa Fe, NM, we are dedicated to helping you find the root cause of your symptoms through a combination of medical diagnostic tools and holistic treatment methods including dietary, lifestyle changes and supplementation to help guide your body’s healing process to a state of optimal health. We treat a variety of conditions, but our specialties focus on Auto-immune diseases, Hormone balancing, and Gut health. 

How Can I Help?

At Infinity Wellness you will undergo extensive consultation with Dr. Solano to address your symptoms and concerns. In order to achieve a thorough analysis, a variety of lab tests may be recommended. This may include blood work, stool analysis, urine/saliva analysis, hair analysis, and a brief physical examination. Our approach is centered around treating the whole body by focusing on genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors to determine the best course of action for your individual needs. 

Who Am I?

Dr. Carmen Solano has been practicing medicine for 16 years. For 12 of those years, she practiced family medicine in Albuquerque, NM where she discovered her passion for treating the whole person instead of only managing her patient’s symptoms. She spends countless hours researching conditions to provide the best quality of care to her patients and helps them unlock their bodies natural strength and healing abilities. If you are seeking a practitioner that is dedicated to helping you find answers, then contact our office at (505) 500-8356 or email us at admin@infinitywellnessnm.com

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I have tried clearing my conditions with mainstream doctors for 6 months, before finding Dr. Solano. Conventional doctors have not been able to improve my condition, while with Dr. Solano I saw results. First and foremost, my quality of life greatly improved with the supplements, during one year of working with Dr. Solano I have been able to clear endometriosis and reverse estrogen dominance. Dr. Solano's tests uncovered also other underlying health issues (an autoimmune disorder and unbalanced cortisol levels), which I am taking care of now.

Infinity Wellness


My pain average pain level has dropped and my endurance has increased. I can do more before the pain comes. Winters have been extremely bad for me over the last four years, however because Dr. Solano prescribed a compounded solution, I made it through this year without a major episode of levels >9 pain for days which have in the past left my body in recovery into the summer months. I am hopeful and also very happy the events didn't happen.