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I have tried clearing my conditions with mainstream doctors for 6 months, before finding Dr. Solano. Conventional doctors have not been able to improve my condition, while with Dr. Solano I saw results. First and foremost, my quality of life greatly improved with the supplements, during one year of working with Dr. Solano I have been able to clear endometriosis and reverse estrogen dominance. Dr. Solano's tests uncovered also other underlying health issues (an autoimmune disorder and unbalanced cortisol levels), which I am taking care of now.

Infinity Wellness


My pain average pain level has dropped and my endurance has increased. I can do more before the pain comes. Winters have been extremely bad for me over the last four years, however because Dr. Solano prescribed a compounded solution, I made it through this year without a major episode of levels >9 pain for days which have in the past left my body in recovery into the summer months. I am hopeful and also very happy the events didn't happen.