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What To Expect

The first thing to know about working with me is that I always treat the causes, not the symptoms.

This means that we have some investigating and measuring to do. We've got to figure out what underlying issues are causing or exacerbating your symptoms—and it's often not obvious.

And since we can’t transform what we don’t measure, we measure just about everything. We may measure health indicators that you’re probably already familiar with, as well as innovative functional health markers you probably don't know exist.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you work with me:

  • A new patient initial intake interview takes about an hour and a half. During this visit, we go over the extensive intake questionnaire in depth. This is the starting point to identify the underlying dysfunctions in the different body systems.

  • I will do a “deep dive” on your health records. This will give me a comprehensive picture of what has already been tried. We’ll do a full medical evaluation to uncover any potential impediments to optimal health—such as food sensitivities, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances and digestive disorders. Once I have a good idea of what is going on, I’ll decide on which lab tests would benefit us the most and start you on a protocol to begin addressing the more pressing lifestyle issues that are adversely affecting your health. We'll test, we won't guess.

  • The next visit takes place after the lab results are back. We will go over them together in detail. Expect a more in depth and personalized program to be created consisting of lifestyle changes, supplements and short-term use of prescription medications if indicated. We'll make these changes together. This is not a jolt of motivation that goes away a week later. And we’re not talking about those resolutions we all make and never keep. This is totally doable. You'll make small changes at first. One at a time. Then bigger changes, when you're ready. And when our time together is through, you'll have completely changed the way you think, the way you eat, the way you move— because all of those little daily choices snowball into BIG results.

  • We'll focus on natural, non-invasive treatments. While I'll use prescription medications when indicated, I'll primarily use natural modalities including whole-foods-based nutrition (your first and best medicine), supplements, effective exercise, lifestyle modification, stress reduction techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. All are key components of your overall health and work in concert with each other to bring your mind and body back into balance.

  • We won't count calories. I will give you specific dietary recommendations, but I won't make you count calories. The proportion and quality of calories you eat are MUCH more important than exact quantities. I'll teach you how to make good choices and stick to reasonable portions.

  • We'll carefully track your progress with everything from symptom questionnaires to body composition (body fat) measurements to repeat blood tests. We'll uncover the blueprint of what your body needs (because we're all unique). Careful tracking will help us do just that.

  • You'll be an ally and partner in the process. I'll share my knowledge with you as well as help you brainstorm to find your own solutions. Ultimately you are the "CEO" of your long-term health. I'll give you some interesting and informative reading assignments (articles, books, links to web sites, etc.) and have you keep a health activity journal (food, exercise, sleep, etc). You'll need to be an active participant in the transformation of your health to ensure your results stick for the long haul.
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Functional Medicine has developed concepts and tools that help to collect, organize, and make sense of the data gathered from an expanded history, physical exam, and laboratory tests. We call it The “GO TO IT” system. It presents a logical process for eliciting the patient’s whole story and ensuring that assessment and treatment are in accord with that story:
G = Gather Information
O = Organize Information
T = Tell the Story
O = Order and Prioritize
 I = Initiate Treatment
T = Track Outcomes

“My goal at Infinity Wellness is to help traverse through health information based on an entirely new way of thinking about health and disease. I want to find the right treatment for each person, regardless of what that treatment might be. If a medicine is the best treatment, I will choose that; if a change in diet, supplements, or lifestyle works best, then I will choose that. I will treat the person, not the disease; the system, not just the symptoms. You will receive personalized care.”― Dr. Carmen Solano
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